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                Live Long
Here, this extraordinary food is being made available to the outside world.
People in this part of the world are reported to have lived hundreds of years, presumably by somehow keeping their body cells younger.
We believe it may be what they ate. And it might possibly be what some still eat.

Client Success 1:  

"I have been taking this product for about 2 months. The smell is divine - I could smell it all day. It is so exotic you just want to have it. But I found out very quickly not to have it just before going to bed because it made me feel happy and bright and chirpy till about 2 or 3 in the morning and hubby didn't want to talk - he wanted to sleep. It is very subtle the changes you go through and you have to be paying attention to notice. Once something is gone you don't notice it and you can overlook why it went. I have more get up and go. But also ailments I was suffering from like hives, have been disappearing, after about 8-9 months of scratching. I love this product."

Client Success 2:  

"I have more stamina."

Client Success 3:

"My skin has improved."

Bimala 1.JPG
Meet Bimala


I am the manageress here. I am the one who selects the products to send you. It is my job to make sure you get the exact product we claim to offer. This is not a supermarket. We are a boutique supplier of long-life botanicals.

I know our philosophy may not interest you all, but it is part of us. Please allow me to explain. 

In my village we respect all there is about nature, and nature rewards us for helping her.

It is part of my job to make sure that nature is enhanced by helping people, and people are enhanced by helping nature. There are many villagers who are being helped by this program.

For example, we had a product line, wild honey. But we found the people collecting it were not following the above jungle law. So we discontinued it. You see, the honey actually belongs to the bees. The jungle bees collect the pollen, with all its long-life nutrients,  from the jungle flowers. That honey has the highest source of antibiotics known to man in a food source. Plus it is a high-powered source of minerals. The jungle trees and flowers give this to the bees, so the bees then in turn help the jungle. But the people harvesting the honey were not honoring this law. They hurt the bees. So we removed it from our line. You can buy it elsewhere. But not from us. It would be bad karma to sell it.

But, we do have the most amazing Super Superfood Greens. It is arguably the best in the world. It is ethically collected. It is super amazing. Please try it. It might help you and your life and help the people who grew and harvested it. And I and my family eat it every day. 

So we offer this product to you, in the West, outside of our jungle home, with a wish of good long life for you. In return we ask that you wish the jungle and all its life, the same long life in return. If you can do that, wish us that, we know the product we send should help you a lot.

Editor's note: Bimala once stood face to face with a full grown female tiger, only meters away, in the Himalayan jungle, at night. Its eyes glared brightly as if daring her to explain why she and her baby brother were there alone - during the pitch black. The tiger next, slowly turned, and silently slipped back into the night. 

Superfood  Green Front Double W.jpg
    You Have a Special Need? 


If you need a special food or herb, contact us and we will see what we can do about helping you. Also see our other site, called Himalayan Harvest for our Super Himalayan Superfood range.

 You Are What You Eat 
          We Know That


Some plants and organisms in Nepal have a reputation of being effectively immortal. For example, Himalayan knot-weed appears it might be, and so do some other plants here. By immortal we mean that the program that runs the life of the plant DNA has developed a system whereby the plant organism does not die from aging.


Mankind is reported to share ninety percent of its DNA with plants and it is our DNA that holds the program to our longevity. We all know we can shorten or lengthen our life to variable degrees.


We can halve our lifespan with chemicals and poisons, by consuming foods that destroy the DNA strand. So, why not consume products that greatly lengthen our DNA lifespan instead?

And our stem cells, from which all our cells are developed, do not die from aging.

Please note that what is offered here is not a remedy for physical ills. This is not a medicine. Go to a doctor if you are sick.


But, if you have consumed bad non-nutritional food in the past, you may find the body prematurely aging. Can you thwart that premature condition? 

Well, try our Super Superfood, and enough of it, and see if what we are suggesting is true for you, or not. We have developed it on the theory that the longevity of a body age can vary on what you eat.

Client Success 4:

"My bladder would wake me up 1- 4 times a night before the ‘super dust’, and after a week I was down to once a night, which was a wonderful relief and a better quality sleep.  As well as that, my energy levels went up dramatically."​

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