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About Our Himalayan Super Superfoods



We are happy to help you if you need something special. Do you have a special herb you are really wanting to try out? If so, let us see if it can be found.

We have experts to advise us.

If we cannot honestly help you, we will say so. 

Our Story

There are reports from this area of the world that indigenous jungle people in mountains live longer than the other races here.  There are also gurus, and others, who are said to have lived over two hundred and fifty years or so by eating something more special.  

Further, there are a few plants that are for all purposes, in this region, that effectively seem to not die from old age.  There are also foods here in the Himalayas that have more antibiotics than any other foods in the world.

There is also a new science today which questions whether aging itself is really not just a disease, and perhaps we should or could be living far longer than we otherwise do.

Nepal could be classified as a natural organic garden - by default. It has been so poor, it has almost totally existed without fertilizer.


Fertilizer encourages plants to grow and extract the nutrients from the soil it needs.  But, in the West some food is now devoid of much of that nutrition.  The nutrients from some soils seem to have been extracted out.  Coupled with that, some in the West uses chemicals and poisons on foods, with the human body subsequently poisoned and dying younger.  In the Himalayan mountain regions, however, this is just not so.  Not yet.  Here, people in the mountain areas eat food that is balanced with nature.  Here, some subgroups of races are said to even locally live longer.

So, what you have on this site of Himalayan Gold is a collection of natural products that appear to help a person live healthier longer.

On this site, we promote or have promoted natural products ranging from superfood to oils, soap and more. 


In particular we host the Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Super Superfood range.  There are three major super-superfoods there.


The first of these is the Himalayan Super Superfood Greens, originally designed to help reduce the symptoms of memory loss, but ending up with more.  The ingredients of all these super-superfood are reported further in the blog section of this site.

The second Himalayan Super Superfood on this site is the Reds.  That is, it is a red super-superfood.  This product is designed with ingredients containing a protein called resveratrol.  Resveratrol has been widely touted as longevity enhancing. 


Thirdly, there is the Super Superfood Gold.  This is a mix of the first two super-superfoods with some added ingredients.

There are many ingredients that are the same, in all foods green, red and gold.  These foods simply strive to give you what may be missing or deficient in a diet.  The body has the ability to right much of what is wrong.  The super-superfoods simply supply what your body might need to become naturally healthy. 

Please, look at all these products.  Please read up on them all.  They have all been researched so that you and your body can be helped.  Read the blogs, and read the references that the blogs take you to.  We want you to know what they stand for.

Do these products work?  Try them, and find out.  That is how we found out, so you have to do it too.

These super-superfoods revolve around certain key ingredients which some suggest indicated that aging could possibly be slowed down.

Two of those ingredients are the vitamin niacin (Vit B3 in its various compounds), and the protein resveratrol.  More can be found on this site's blogs regards these ingredients.  From the blogs you can then follow the links to the popular and scientific studies that support these concepts.

The blogs will show more, but the general philosophy of how this superfood was developed is as follows:

First developed was the Super Superfood Greens.  This product was simply to help restore memory, but ended up as more.


The Super Superfood Greens is very generous as a natural niacin source.  The Greens were not designed that way.  Those ingredients were simply selected because they had a reputation in the Himalayas for restoring memory.  It was well after the ingredients seemed to work in the founder's own memory restoration that he wondered if those ingredients had niacin.  And he found that they did.


By niacin we mean nicatinic acid, niacinamide, Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (known as NAD+) and so on.


Normally, niacin is heavily available in plant eaten animal meat.  Here, in these super-superfoods, we are simply offering an original source.  Niacin is also found in peanuts, brown rice and other non meat forms, but not nearly as plentiful as in these super-superfoods.

It was found that meat is also reported to activate genes that reduce some age phenomena of cells.  So meat is great to eat, and it also helps muscle tone.  But it is now also reported that meat can shorten lifespan.  So we offer a plant alternative.  See this Readers Digest article here for more details:

Our Super Superfood Reds came next, and are designed to deliver resveratrol naturally to you.  Most of the Super Superfood Reds ingredients were selected in part because of their reputation of high resveratrol content.  Such ingredients include black-grape, cocoa, beetroot, pomegranate, green tea and more. 

Like the Greens, the Red ingredients may do more.  For example, beetroot is reputed to get toxins out from the liver.  Livers filter blood, but if clogged with toxins and fats, they do not work well.  Many readers will have heard of the term fatty-liver, and it is dangerous if diagnosed.  So it seems we should unclog the liver when needed. Beets are reputed to do that. 


This superfood is not a medicinal cure, of course, but its nutritional ingredients may help the body become healthier.

The last super-superfood is the Gold version.  This is a blend of both Reds and Greens, along with some additional special ingredients.

This site and venture was developed by Nick Broadhurst, an Australian, who teamed up with Bimala Lama, a Nepali.  There are more in the team now. 


Nick first began to question the traditional model of aging in 2013.  This was while writing a book series where the plot dealt with reversing the aging cycle. 


Nick got very interested. Was it possible to reverse aging?  He believed it was, and wrote references notes in 2013:


The notes are still there, but are rough.  Interestingly though, they apply as much now as they did then.  While Nick does not believe any of these super-superfoods can reverse aging, he does believe they can give more energy, and give the phenomena of feeling younger. And he believes firmly that good nutrition is the road to a long and healthy life.

Nick's book writing and stories, include science fiction books, children's picture books and comics.

Nick is also an architect, builder, and building inspector, and has these sites here.

A recommended photographer and cinematic videographer is Monkeybrush Films. They can take your raw footage, and make it into a viable commercial production.

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