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Our Story

In theory, human DNA is the same in many ways as a tree. We believe it is ninety percent compatible. We are after-all, from the same life that worked out how to survive on this same planet, and have been doing so for tens of millions of years.

There are reports from this area of the world that there are highland races in mountains that live longer than the usual races here. There are gurus who are said to have lived over two hundred and fifty years by eating special substances. There are reports of some of the indigenous peoples here, living extra long. 

There are plants that are for all purposes, effectively immortal. There are foods here in the Himalayas that have more antibiotics than any other foods in the world.

There are scientists today who question whether aging is really just a disease, and perhaps we should or could be living far far longer.

Nepal itself is a natural organic garden. It is so poor, it has almost totally existed without fertilizer. Fertilizer encourages the plant to grow and suck all the nutrients from the soil it needs. Today, in the West some 88% of food is now devoid of nutritional value. Coupled with that the West uses chemicals and poisons saturating foods, with the human body slowly being poisoned and dying younger. But in the Himalayan regions, this is just not so. Here, people eat food that is balanced with nature. Here whole subgroups of races are known locally to live longer.

So, what you have on this site is a collection of natural products that can help a person live longer.

On this site, we introduce - Himalayan Long Life Botanicals. These are two major products. A green Super Himalayan Superfood, aimed at reducing the effects on the brain so as to reduce the symptoms of memory loss and a great deal more.

The second Super Himalayan Superfood on this site are the reds. That is, it is a red Super Superfood. This product is designed to give you as much longevity enhancing food as is possible. That is, it is full of good life rejuvenating red Super Superfoods.  Then, there will be a gold Super Superfood.

There are many ingredients that are the same, in all foods green, gold and red. In these foods, we need to give you what has been missing or deficient in your diet for decades. The body has the ability to right what is wrong. You likely have cells closed off from receiving help from the body's enzymes to rejuvenate it. This needs fixing too. We are simply giving you the basic building blocks, in good volume, that your body has been missing for a very long time.

Also, look at all our products. Please read them all. They have all been researched so that you and your body can be helped from many different angles.

Does this work? Try it, and find out yourself.

This site and venture is run by Nick Broadhurst, an Australian, who teamed up with Bimala Lama. 


Nick first began to question the traditional model of aging in 2013. This was while writing a science fiction series (called the Sequetus Series, a twenty-three books). In that series the plot dealt with reversing the aging cycle. The book characters lived 325 years as a standard age.


Nick was interested. Was it possible? He believed it was, and wrote his references notes: -


The notes are still there, but are only rough, of around 2013. Those notes, interestingly though, apply now as they did then.


Our super-superfood revolves around certain key ingredients found in 2013 which indicated that aging could be reversed, or could be significantly slowed down.

Two of those ingredients are niacin, and resveratrol. More can be found on our blogs regards these ingredients, and theoretically how they slow or reverse aging. From the blogs you can then follow the links to the scientific studies that support that niacin and resveratrol can heavily influence age reversing.

The blogs will show you more, but the general philosophy of how this superfood was developed is as follows:

First was the Super Superfood Greens. This product was to restore the memory, brain, nervous system. In theory, once the brain and nervous system was repaired, it could start to send out the right enzymes, right genes, and right messages to beef up its repair mode. If all the cells in the body has to be rejuvenated, the nervous system was the first step.

An analogy would be that if there was an up-to-date headquarters and transport system infrastructure, then sending out repair teams anywhere to the body with new up-to-date orders would be easy. 

The Super Superfood Greens is heavy in natural niacin. By niacin we also mean any of its mutliple derivatives such a nicatinic acid, niacinamide, Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (known as NAD+) and so on. Normally, niacin is most heavily available in plant eating animal meat. Here, in our super-superfoods, we are going direct to the source. Niacin is also found in peanuts, brown rice and other non meat forms, but not as plentiful as in our super-superfoods.

It was found meat can and does activates genes that reduce the age of cells. So we have got niacin here naturally. Meat is great to eat, as it helps muscle tone, but it is at a cost of a shorter life. See this Readers Digest article.

The Super Superfood Reds came next, and concentrate on delivering resveratrol to you. Most of the Super Superfood Reds ingredients were selected in part because of their high resveratrol content. Such as black-grape, cocoa, beetroot, pomegranate, green tea and and much more. 

But the ingredients do more. For example, beetroot gets toxins out from the liver. Livers filter blood, but if clogged with toxins and fats, they do not work well. So we need to unclog the liver. Beets do that, along with delivering resveratrol. The resveratrol here is extending liver cell life so the liver can detox your blood and that detoxes the other organs.


Also, note that it is the liver that prevents turmeric by itself being absorbed into the blood. For turmeric to work it has to be accompanied by either raw oils or seed oil, which is in the ingredients. Turmeric then, along with cinnamon, goes into the bloodstream, and kills retrovirus (a retrovirus is a virus such as the common cold, flue, measles, and even HIV.)  This superfood is not a medicinal cure, but it can help maintain the body's immune system. This is a potent super superfood. It is deters diseases.

We also have many ingredients that are common for all three super-superfoods. Cinnamon is one of those. Cinnamon, as well as having niacin, also a phenol that is also reported to trigger the SIRT 1 gene into action. It is that gene SIRT 1 - which starts to get the cells to to stretch out their age span. Note, it is the SIRT 1 gene that is triggered by niacin as well as resveratrol. We will explain more on how this works, the SIRT 1 gene, and how it affects the enzyme telomerase, and how that in turn enters the DNA cell and in turn cleans the cell out, and allows them to regenerate younger. The blogs have more details. See this here on Niacin, Your Magic Long-life Gene:


There is even a blog on the mitochondria - the cell within our cells that has its own separate DNA - and what it has to do with monitoring and determining our longevity - and how our super-superfood feeds it with niacin. Yes, the more we feed these cells within our cells, the more they can do their job, and keep our own cells healthy with extended life. These mitochondria are known as the powerhouse within our own cellular DNA.

The last is the Super Superfood Gold. This is a mix of both reds and greens, but with some additional ingredients. Those extra ingredients include arjuna powder, for strength, power and rebuilding the heart. They also include the extremely expensive sandalwood powder which restored vigor, beauty and longevity to the skin. The skin and its appearance reflects the aging and health of the body. So, when putting this in the super-superfood blend, we are anticipating a myriad of long-life results.

Now, this is not all. To extend life it is known that calorie restriction, either fasting or intermittent fasting - eating under a restricted regimen of hours - extends life. In the fifth century BC Hippocrates noted that the best way to prevent illness was to fast. So, to help with that in the super-superfood we have included some herbs known to inhibit hunger.


Of course, if the body is fed the right nutrition, it should not get hungry. It is further noted that hunger does not stem from the body, but rather the bacteria in the gut.


This bacteria is a separate life form to the body and needs feeding, and will let the body know when it is needing its next feed. The less nutrition in the food, the more that bacteria wants its next feed, and the more it wants fed. So if we give this bacteria good nutritional sustenance, in theory, it will not trigger the body to eat. Thus we can fast, and for some, thus they can lose weight.

It should be noted incidentally that Nick lost 15 kilos after he started taking Super Superfood Greens, and Bimala lost about 7 kilos.

It might also be worth noting here about shilajit. It is not mentioned elsewhere. Shilajit is a rock that comes from trees decayed millions of years ago. This was discovered by Nick when a freind from Nepal sent it to him. Nick had been having trouble breathing for years and there seemed no reason why. He had tried Ventolin without success, and nothing made sense. A freind from Nepal sent shilajit. It is a supplement in Nepal, made by the government, and is called the destroyer of weakness.

Upon opening the tiny bottle, and smelling the repugnant tar odor, Nick simply licked the back of the cap to taste it. He thought nothing of it until ten minutes later he could breathe deeply for the first time in years. What the heck was this, and how did it work? 

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