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This super-superfood is also amazing. While the Super Superfood Greens was developed, ingredient by ingredient, to help the founder of this product restore his memory, this version was developed to include ingredients that enacted the body’s longevity genes.


The founder of this product first came across those genes in reports in 2013. In the reports he read, the protein called resveratrol, triggered those genes into action. He then began taking resveratrol supplements.


Later, the founder of this product was living in Nepal, studying the ancient language of Sanskrit.  After his memory began to improve from taking the ingredients of the Super Superfood Greens, he wanted to know what might grow in Nepal that was high in resveratrol that could trigger those longevity genes.


After all, there were rumors of sages having lived extremely long lives in the region – even double centuries. There were also rumours of indigenous jungle tribes staying amazingly young.


Of course this is all speculative, including what this Super Superfood Reds does. It really is. Obviously it will help with good health. But does it help to extend life? We cannot answer that. We can only suggest that the theory is there. That is all. There has been no testing. Read the blogs if you are interested, and they will link to writers of more knowledge and repute.


Of course, you can study the individual ingredients and work the theory out yourself. One can research them. And yes, they mostly do have the ingredients that are reported to trigger those genes. But that is as far as it goes. So, if you buy this product, expect only good health, please. Then there is no disappointment. But if you get more, then that is just simply much better.


This special blend of Super Superfood is designed for use in juices and yoghurt.  It has a cocoa-beetroot-cinnamon type aroma.




The packet is an oxo-degradable pouch, rather than a tub, as pouches are more environmentally friendly, and minimize shipping costs.


Please note: In the USA and other countries it can now take up to 6 weeks to ship to the address.


Please note: In the USA and other countries it can now take up to 6 weeks to ship to the address.


Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Super Superfood Reds


Nutrition plays a great role of how you end up in life.  It seems that maybe our bodies need special nutrition, and what we have here could be a solution to an otherwise comparitively malnourished diet.


Note that this food though, is just very healthy food.  It is not a medical cure, even though some body conditions may improve from eating it, and some people may even feel younger.  It is simply food.  Yes, the contents were selected because of their natural resveratrol content. But this is just food, in a way many will not have thought to experience before.


Factually, your body has the ability to heal itself.  And that works best if you give it the nourishment needed to enable the body to make repairs.


If you try this Super Superfood you could feel benefited, all else being equal. But there are no claims that all people are the same and all will benefit.  However, if you have been on an ordinary factory-farmed western diet, and this is an early attempt at these kind of foods, they may help.  And it might also help if you are not consuming toxic substances, such as alcohol and drugs.  But in saying that, if you are on medication as advised by a physician, consult your physician on what to do regards this food.


Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Super Superfood may help you, but we do not pretend to be scientists, so we suggest you do your own research and see if the ingredients can benefit.


Our body is in various stages of growth or decline.  It can be an important matter to us of when it peaks and how fast or slow the subsequent decline is.  From our experience, and the reports of others, our body has an ability to fix and pull back a decline, to fix itself to varying degrees.  Nutrition plays a great part in that. That is all the theory is here.


Click on the PRODUCT INFO to see the full list of ingredients.


DIRECTIONS: To begin, please take half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of this Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Super Superfood. Mix it, even with other regular organic superfood.  Do not take too much to start with.  It is a SUPER superfood. Start with a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon a day.  Test it.  Work up to a dessertspoon a day if you feel it is needed.  Have your Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Super Superfood with orange juice, plain organic yogurt, or another enjoyable mixer, and observe the body on the first day.  Moderate down if the body tells you to. If there is an unusual response, cut back on a gradient, on what you are taking.


Some reports are that as cells open up they may release waste and this can affect one as it flushes out.  But this could also be speculation.  However, if that phenomenon is the case, regardless, slow down.


Why orange juice?  Orange juice has also been reported to restore memory.  Please read the article in Advocate Health Care. Alternatively, try yogurt with this product. It is also reported as a memory booster.


If there is a bad reaction, consult a doctor.  There may be something really wrong with your body, otherwise until now, undetected.


Do not underestimate your ability to gauge your body's want. Plus, you might be on this website because you perceive that your body needs help.  But also realize this site is about nutrition, not medicine.


The Weight of the product is 250 grams.


SPECIAL NOTES:  When filling out any payment make sure you send us these details in the space provided:



Email address:

Postal Address:



Post Code:

Destination Country:

Telephone number for your post office:


Feel free to send us a message on the Contact page with the delivery information.  We will get back to you by email.


Please note: In the USA and other countries it can now take up to 6 weeks to ship to the address.




If you buy 3 packets of 500 grams of Himalayan Harvest Superfood, we will send you 4 packets of 500 grams each.


If you buy 6 packets of 500 grams Himalayan Harvest Superfood, we will send you 10 packets of 500 grams each.


There is no extra postage for the extra free packet(s).


Please be sure to read the Return and Refund Policy.  When you order it is assumed you have read and understand it.  Please also be sure to read the Shipping Info.


The CONTENTS we claim are the only intended ingredients. We do not delibreately add preservatives, extra falvours, gluton, wheat, soy, or other fillers, although could contain traces of. We do not test against allies. Much of this blend is wild jungle harvested.

Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood Reds - 250 gm ~ 8.5 oz

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