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Super Superfood Reds is for rejuvinating the body and prolonging the life of the body. For that we have included some of the same products that are in the green Super Superfood Greens. But fundamentally, this superfood is aimed at youthfulness and is by nature consuming more red type superfoods.




Here we are looking at what may need to be in place so that the body can rejuvinate itself, or really slow down the affects of aging. 


And how do we recommend you take these Super Superfoods? That is simple. We suggest orange juice, as orange juice has been found to restore memory. Please read this article in Advocate Health Care.


Alternatively, try yoguart. That is also a great memory booster for you as well. Please read this reference in Net Doctor.


Please review the blogs which are on the ingredients of this product.


This product has these amazing products in addition to many of the Super Superfood Greens foods. This superfood is designed to increase body age.


Beetroot. This cleans the blood and helps the liver. It is amazing. And remember these are organic beets grown with lots of soil minerals in the ground naturally.


Zest. This is the outer skin of the citrus fruits. It has amazing qualities and the one I am most interested in is the ability to remove the black skin spots or liver spots. But it is brilliant for longevity and memory. 


Hibiscus plant helps high blood pressure to go down, has an anti-cancer property, and more. Please read the article in full.


Black Grapes. Exceptional for long life, helps the cardiovascular system, improved the brain and a lot lot more.


Pomegranate powder, and this is for longer life. Read the article.


Raw Cocoa for longevity. Again, read the article. This is not processed and brings longer life.


Enjoy them all and other new and existing foods in this great super superfood mix.


And the same deals are as before, if you pay for three packets we will send you four. It does not matter which packets. You can have three Greens and ask for the complimentry Red packet to be the fourth. Just enjoy them and get healthy.


The Net Weight of the product is 500 grams.


DIRECTIONS: Lastly, please take half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of this Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood every day. Mix it, as needed, even with any other regular organic superfood. Do not take too much to begin with. It is a SUPER superfood. Start with a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon a day. Work up to a desertspoon a day if you feel it is needed. Have it with organge juice, plain organic yogart, or another enjoyable mixer and observe the body on the first day. Moderate down if the body tells you to. If there is an adverse action, cut back on the gradient on what you are taking. Some reports are that as the cells open up they release waste and this can make one light headed as it flushes out. If that is the case, slow down.


Why orange juice? Orange juice has also been found to restore memory. Please read this article in Advocate Health Care. Alternatively, try yogurt. That is also a great memory booster.


We are not making any detoxification claims, but if the cells are inoperative, they can begin to opeate again by exponging waste from the individual cells as nutrients and micronutrients then enter. The eventual result can be more awakeness, alertness, and a feeling of vigor. This naturally happens if the body has previously been starved of nutrients. Then, slowly build up again if that is what you seem to need. But if there is a bad action and it persists, consult a doctor, as there may be something really wrong otherwise until now undetected.


Do not underestimate your ability to guage the body's want for this product. You are on this website because you already have the ability to perceive that your body needs help. And that is what we are here for. But also realize this is not a medical site, it is about nutrition.


The Weight of the product is 500 grams.


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If you buy 3 packets of Himalayan Harvest Superfood, we will send you 4 packets of 500 grams each.


If you buy 6 packets of Himalayan Harvest Superfood, we will send you 10 packets of 500 grams each.


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Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood Reds - 500 gram 17 oz

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