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This Super Superfood is extraordinary. Some say it is the best of all the blends. It was first developed to restore memory. But it is way more than that now. It restores much more. Where the first Super Superfood Greens was made to rejuvenate memory, aiming at the one major organ that affected memory, it was soon found that people were being rejuvenated all over their body. Older people were reporting higher energy levels, and doing activities they had previously given up on. Others reported chronic body conditions dissipating. First this superfood was being piloted just to friends, all over the world. Now it is available to the wider community.


Now, this special packet blend of Super Superfood here is designed for use in health drinks and yoghurt. It has a misty minty type aroma.




This packet is the larger economical 500 gram packet. It makes more advantage of your postage costs. Pretty much, you post more for the same price. That is the advantage of this packet size. We use pouches, rather than tubs, as they are far more environmentally friendly and minimize shipping costs.


Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood improved memory. That was our initial target. This amazing food started this website. We gathered twenty super-superfood memory restoring products. This superfood was potent and worked. It does work. So far, nothing is available like it anywhere in the world.


Nutrition plays a great part of how you end up in life. We found this superfood helped a range of undesirable physical conditions. It seems that our bodies need real nutrition and this is a solution to an otherwise unknown malnourished western diet. Note that this food is simply healthy food. It is not a medical cure even though body conditions get better from eating it, and people feel younger. It is simply food, but in a way many will not have experienced before.


Factually, your body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments. But that only works if you give the body the foods it needs to then trigger the system in the body to make repairs. If you try this Super Superfood, you should feel younger soon, all else being equal, if you have been on an ordinary western diet, and this is your first attempt at these kind of foods. It also helps if you also are not consuming toxic substances, such as alcohol and drugs. But in saying that, if you are on medication as advised by a physician, consult your physician on what to do.


Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood has ingredients to make you feel healthy. But specifically, it was first aimed at revitalizing memory. We wanted to trigger the repair mechanism that would repair and reactivate what had become relatively inoperative and dormant due to nutrient deficiency. It did that, but more. We do not pretend to be scientists, so we suggest you do your own research on our products and see if the individual ingredients can do for you what you need from them.


Here, in the Himalayas, old age memory loss is rare. So is arthritis and many other typical western maladies.


Our body organs are in various stages of growth or decline. It is a matter of when they peak and how fast or slow the subsequent decline is. From our experience and the reports of others, we perceive that the body has an ability to fix and pull back that decline, to fix itself to a degree. We want you and your body to function as well as is possible under the circumstances of where you are now in your stage of life.


Our twenty plus ingredients are too many to list in this short segment, along with their benefits. But we have listed the contents and their claimed benefits in the blog section of this site. Click on the PRODUCT INFO to see the full list of ingredients with all their links. And if you do not want one of the ingredients, we can sometimes do special mixes for you.


DIRECTIONS: To begin with, please take half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of this Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood every day. Mix it, even with any other regular organic superfood. Do not take too much to start with. It is a SUPER superfood. Start with a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon a day. Work up to a dessertspoon a day as you feel it is needed. Have your Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood with orange juice, plain organic yogurt, or another enjoyable mixer and observe the body on the first day. Moderate down if the body tells you to. If there is an unusual response, cut back on a gradient on what you are taking. Some reports are that as cells open up they may release waste and this can affect one as it flushes out. If that is the case, slow down.


We are not making any detoxification claims, but if the cells are inoperative, they could begin to operate again by expunging waste from the individual cells as nutrients and micronutrients enter. The eventual result can be more awakeness, alertness, and a feeling of vigor. This can naturally happen if the body has been previously starved of nutrients.


Why orange juice? Orange juice has also been found to restore memory. Please read the article in Advocate Health Care. Alternatively, try yogurt. That is also a great memory booster.


If there is a bad action and it persists, consult a doctor. There also may be something really wrong with the body otherwise until now undetected.


Do not underestimate your ability to gauge your body's want for this product. You are on this website because you already have the ability to perceive that your body needs help. And that is what we are here for. But also realize this site is about nutrition.


The Weight of the product is 500 grams.


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If you buy 3 packets of 500 grams of Himalayan Harvest Superfood, we will send you 4 packets of 500 grams each.


If you buy 6 packets of 500 grams Himalayan Harvest Superfood, we will send you 10 packets of 500 grams each.


There is no extra postage for the extra free packet(s).

Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood Greens - 500 gram 17 oz

  • Enjoy this. It really works. Below are the ingredients. They then link to the blogs that explain more about each ingredient:


    1.   Ashwagandha Powder 

    2.   Jumun Seed Powder  

    3.   Mucuna Pruriens Powder    

    4.   Amla Churna Powder

    5.   Cinnamon Powder 

    6.   Nettle Leaf Extract Powder 

    7.   Ginger Powder

    8.   Lemon Grass Powder

    9.   Isabgol Psyllium Husk Powder

    10. Tumeric Powder  

    11. Barley Grass Powder

    12. Moringa Leaf Powde

    13. Gymnema Sylvestre Powder

    14. Milk Thistle Powder

    15. Wheat Grass Powder 

    16. Tulsi Powder 

    17. Basil Seed Powder

    18. Mint Leaf powder

    19. Green Tea Powder

    20. Licorice Plant Powder


    Please read the blogs these ingredients are linked to.