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Bimala Goes to Kathmandu Market

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Bimala had to go to the market. She not only had to get more spices and Super Superfood powder for Himalayan long Life Botanicals to send overseas, she wanted to get fresh vegetables so the staff could juice them. While we have Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood, and we do consume it every day, there is only one thing that is slightly better. And that is fresh Super Superfood fruit and vegetables from the Himalayas, freshly juiced and consumed that day.

The hardest part was getting there through the traffic and avoiding the buses and trucks. Below is a typical Nepalese fruit truck come down from the mountains with its produce. It is fully laden.

Once at the Kali Mati Market of Kathmandu Bimala started shopping. There were vegetables to be bought, and fruit to be purchased. She even found a new fruit called beyal. While we cannot decide on its real spelling, you can at least say it now.

The bargaining is always interesting at a fresh food market. But regardless of price, the fruit is always good and fresh. There is also a lot of interesting people around.

Below is a truck half empty of its papaya. Next to the truck we were able to buy the melons at a good rate. Watermelons are high in vitamin B1 content. And apart from being just a good vitamin to have, B1 has the quality of keeping mosquitoes away. Fresh eggs, another high source of vitamin B1, are also useful against mosquitoes, which are a nuisance, but not dangerous in Nepal. It is too cold in winter and at night.

Above, Bimala is buying red grapes, which apart from being very sweet, are also high in resveratrol in their skins. Resveratrol has been shown to have anti aging properties, fights some cancers, and beats Alzheimer's Disease.

Of course, at the market one must check out the spices, the fruit and the vegetables but there is nothing quite like just walking around.

There is a lot of work for others at the markets, and people work very hard. There are a lot of menial tasks. The porter opposite was taking a break. His job is to put the fruit in the basket on his back and take it from truck to stall. It is a lot of hard work for very little pay.

Soon the local taxi was full of food, and so Bimala left the markets for the next stop. The coffee supplier.


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