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Bimala Goes To a Grower's Farm

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Bimala went to the grower's small farm and home.

The farm was up through the mountain areas some hours from Kathmandu. It was so nice to get out of the bustle of the city. As soon as we cleared the last major village the views and nature opened up to us.

The track leading to the herb farm.
View of the track to the herb farm.

As we crossed several crests, and up the foot track for about a kilometer, we found a homestead tucked in among the trees.

The homestead of the herb farmers.
The homestead

The grower does everything the organic way, and had several buffalo making poop for fertilizing the soil. There were also two calves, very cute, curious and friendly. They came right up to us to see who we were.

A friendly buffalo calf.
This was a friendly buffalo calf

After some hot buffalo milk we continued our walk through the farm and jungle. We saw thousands of newly planted trees, in part to hold the soil together, as well as to provide new sources of herbs.

More trees and hills.
Amazing views were all over the farm

There were herbs everywhere. Some were by the paths. Others were being grown to be harvested. Some were just still in the jungles.

A woman standing looking at herbs with mountains behind.
Bimala examining some local herbs on the side of the path.

We saw a valley with ten thousand birds, at least, and the crescendo of bird music was loud and not easily forgotten. It was very joyful bird music.

Eventually we had to stop for lunch. That was special, as the place had a great view, and the scent of the herbs surrounded us.

Copper pot with food on the boil on an open fire.
An honest open fire, copper pot, rice boiling, bread being made.

One can see from the photos that while there are some cultivated plants, most of the area is under jungle, full of wild herbs, all organically growing. This is the source of our super-superfood. But do not think that life is easy for the herb farmers out there. They rise early, work all day clearing paths, planting trees. Their floor is dirt. There is one cooking stove with a gas cylinder. They own very little.

A small valley with rice.
Here is some local rice being cultivated

Then we went to the next property. We saw the drying rooms. Then we saw the two mechanical dryers, that operated for much of the year from solar energy.

We had a great day, and after some minutes more it was time to go. It was sad to say goodbye to beautiful nature, and its amazing views. We love the jungle and we love what she can provide us. We only hope the world can appreciate what she has, what is she has made available for our benefit.

Hills and valley with clouds overhead.
This view was what we were left with as our last memory of the day.

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