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Brahmni Powder

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Brahmni, or Bacopa monnieri, has a long history and reputation in southern India. This reputation is why we include it as an ingredients in the Himalayan Harvest Super Superfood Gold.

At the bottom of the page are more articles from popular and more scientific type websites. Do your own research. As said, we include it because of its reputation in this region of the Himalayas. We make no medical or scientific claims for the herb, but it does have this reputation in this area of the world.

Per Healthline (the direct link to the article is below) here are the following reasons for using Brahmni (Bacopa monnieri):

7 Emerging Benefits of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi)

1. It has powerful antioxidants that help prevent cell damage.

2. It may reduce inflammation.

3. It may boost brain function.

4. It may reduce ADHD symptoms.

5. It may prevent anxiety and stress.

6. It may lower blood pressure levels.

7. It may have anti cancer properties.

There may be side affects as well. In some people there are reported stomach cramps and nausea. So read the article below in full to get more understanding and read other articles as well.

We do not know if there is any scientific data or western research behind what the article claims.

The article has recommended dosages, but these are high compared to the amount in the Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Gold superfood. And if you are ill, please consult a doctor. This super-superfood is not to treat any illness, but rather for healthy people to maintain their good health.

Brahmni powder is included to help the healthy stay in good health. It is not included to heal illness. If you are ill, please consult a doctor.

Read it all. The article has cited references which are below.

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