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Lemon Grass - a Solution?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Lemon grass is amazing. It has extraordinary health benefits. It grows in most places. Below we found an excellent article and encourage you to read it in full on the following link in Herbs Love To Know.

Note that Himalayan Gold does not endorse these claims, or of the doctors and scientists in the references at the foot of the page. We place this page here for readers to access and evaluate, that is all.

It is written by Jessica Drew, the Supplements Counselor.

Bellow is an extract from the above. But we recommend reading the entire article. The original links for references have been left in the extract.

"The effect of lemon grass on the brain encompasses a wide array of benefits and poses very little risk of adverse reactions. Practitioners of Brazilian medicine have used this herb for centuries to cure fevers, colds and arthritis. Citral is the active constituent and lemon grass has the highest concentration of it compared to any other plant in the world. Citral has antioxidant and anti-tumor properties that both benefit the brain."

"Like many other herbs, some of the conditions that lemon grass is purported to cure are based on collective observations over a long period of use. However, clinicians have recently performed some scientific studies on this herb and uncovered some promising findings. The following are neurological conditions that lemon grass aids, as noted by both clinicians and practitioners of traditional medicine.

Brain Cancer

A recent study was conducted at Ben Gurion University on lemon grass and its effects on cancer. The results were surprising; scientists found that a drink with as little as one gram of lemon grass could cause cancer cells to commit suicide through apoptosis, a mechanism that programs cell death. Researchers also found that while lemon grass initiated a chain of events that prompted cancer cells to die, normal healthy cells remained unaffected. While more research is needed, the findings of this study have allowed doctors to say that lemon grass can help prevent certain types of cancer, including brain cancer, and aid in its cure. These findings and the excellent safety profile of the herb have also sparked physicians across the globe to ask their caner patients to drink glasses of hot water with fresh lemon grass steeped in it on the days that they have radiation and chemotherapy treatments."

NOTE 1: Lemon Grass is in Super Superfood Greens 10% by volume, in Super Superfood Reds 2 % by volume, and in Super Superfood Gold it is 4% by volume.

NOTE 2: While these above are amazing reports, our super superfoods do not include high volumes of barley grass. If you are ill, please go to a physician.

Fresh lemon grass fields in Israel become mecca for cancer patients

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