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Where Himalayan Gold Gets Products

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

If you wanted to know where we obtain our ingredients, it is from here. (Note, these locations have changed but were relevant when the blog was written.)

Some of our powders we got from the the markets. See yesterdays photo below. The markets in Kathmandu have lots of natural clean organic ingredients. But, at the same time we are searching for single suppliers. Those suppliers are one supplier today.

The herbs we were using came from Dolpo, and we have these photos of the region below. They are wild-grown and locally collected, flown out, and hand delivered to us in Kathmandu.

The Shilajit we are also working out how to get from the same area. It seems the strongest Shilajit was have found to date. The only problem in Dolpa is that there are no buses in or out. One either goes in buy air, or it is horse or yak. The region is undoubtedly extraordinary. (Note that we stopped selling shilajit as of from 2018.)

The coffee comes from plantations outside of beautiful Phokera. Phokera can be accessed by road or air. (We stopped selling coffee from 2018.)

The Soap Nuts are to the east of Kathmandu. They are not far away and the region is green and hilly.

The jungle honey comes from further south, nearer the Indian border. As we said, this honey has the highest amount of antibiotics anywhere of any food in the world. Like the herbs, it is wild. (We stopped selling honey as of from 2018.)

And the yak herder who supplies us with dog chews, for our pet, and yours if you want them, he is closer to Mount Everest. See both our photos below.

We are going to be getting more of our products sourced specifically for us, and we will share our photos of these after each trip to these areas.

(It should be understood that while we stopped selling some of these products, we did not stop consuming them ourselves. Yes. We still got a regular supply of shilajit, jungle honey, essential oils, and rare herbs for ourselves. It was just that they were not commercially viable to sell from the Himalayan Gold website.)


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