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Why Psyllium Husk Seed?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The article below lists the reasons why Isabgol psyllium husk seed can be good for you.

Primarily Himalayan Long Life Botanicals has it in their blend as a digestion aid for the rest of the super superfood, and whatever you else you are consuming. It is used in small quantities. But it is worth reading of all of the other benefits. They are significant.

In this article in Fittness-Spell are listed the main benefits, and also note the side affects at the bottom. It is worth reading the article in full at the link below.

Himalayan Gold do not endorse the claims made in the article. We would welcome readers to read the article though and continue searching to find what else is available to be read.

1) Isabgol Relieves Constipation

Isabgol has a decent amount of soluble and insoluble fiber, that helps to make it a good cure for constipation.

Isabgol has hygroscopic properties that help it to absorb water from the digestive tract and enhancing consistency of stools.

How To Take Isabgol To Getting Relief From Constipation

  • Mix two spoons of isabgol in a glass of warm milk and consume it before you go to bed.


  • Always talk to your doctor first, it’s best to seek the advice of your doctor.

2) Natural Remedy For Diarrhea

After seeing benefits for constipation, I wasn’t expecting that Isabgol will have some properties to relieve diarrhea too.

It is a home remedy that helps in both constipation and diarrhea. Curd provides stomach the proper quantity of probiotics that helps to heal the infection and Isabgol helps hardens the stools to deal with diarrhea.

How To Use Isabgol To Get Relief From Diarrhea

  • Add 2 tsp isabgol and 3 tsp curd together.

  • Consume the combination of curd and isabgol just after a meal.

  • You need to take it twice in a day to get good results.


  • It’s best to seek the advice of your doctor first.

3) Improves Digestion

Previously mentioned, Isabgol is rich in fiber that assists in the digestion of meals you eat. It stimulates cleaning of the stomach contents by cleaning stomach wall from excessive toxins, along with that it helps the stomach in the movement of food through the intestine.

How To Take Psyllium Seed Husk to Improve Digestion

Drinking a glass of isabgol water can improve your digestion.

  • Take Isabgol with buttermilk soon after the meal on a regular basis.

  • Be sure that you consume it the moment you add the isabgol because the seed husk appears to swell and harden.


  • Always talk to your doctor first.

4) Isabgol Cleanse Colon

Already mentioned above, isabgol has hygroscopic properties, which makes it good colon cleanser. As per Ayurveda, It moves by way of the colon and take up the dangerous toxic, named as AMA in Ayurveda (poisonous waste products that usually coating the stomach walls).

It assists in sustaining different digestive conditions out of the picture. That’s the reason that isabgol is a helpful approach to cleansing your colon.

How To Take Isabgol for Cleansing Colon

  • Consume Isabgol with warm water or juice that you like before night for 3 days to 4 days in a month.


  • Always consult to a healthcare specialist first.

5) Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Isabgol

After seeing its benefits for cleansing colon improves digestion and relieves in constipation, It has another benefit that helps you to achieve your weight loss goals. Isabgol gives you the sensation of fullness for long time and controls cravings.

How To Take Isabgol For Weight Loss

  • Take warm water, lemon juice and isabgol

  • Mix them well

  • Drink it on empty stomach before your meal in the morning

Anytime you feel about eating, consume isabgol with water that will make free of food craving and it will avoid unwanted intake of more calories.

6) Relieves from Acidity

Burning discomfort is the sign of acidity that most people experience. In case you are suffering from acidity then Isabgol is one of the finest natural treatment that can deal with burning sensation of acidity.

the Psyllium husk covers the stomach by coating with a defensive layer and safeguards it from the burning annoyance caused by acidity. It assists in good digestion and minimize the abnormal release of digestive acid and cuts down the impact of acid in the stomach.

7) Helps In Curing Piles And Fissures

Already mentioned above, Isabgol is rich in insoluble and soluble fiber and laxative properties of isabgol help in the natural bowel movement.

Isabgol is good for sufferers of painful issues such as a-n-a-l fissures and piles. It helps in cure bowels in a case of pile and fissures. It functions like a natural stool softener, the hygroscopic properties of Isabgol helps absorb water from the surrounding parts of the intestine, doing the passage of stool soft and pain-free.

On top of that, resulting from its natural aspect to support in uncomplicated defecation, psyllium seed husk aids the healing of fissures, while it guards the a-n-u-s against stretching excessive when the person passes the motion and avoids the rupture of treating wounds.

How To Take Psyllium Seed Husk For Piles and Fissures

  • Consume Isabgol with warm water at night before you go to your bed. It will improve your conditions.


  • As already mentioned above, always talk to your doctor first.

Healthy Heart

8) Reduces Heart Conditions

Studies indicate a diet that is rich in water-soluble fiber has linked with lower triglyceride levels, and also a reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, A diet rich in fiber foods including psyllium-enriched cereals to your diet routine can possibly support reduce the risk of heart conditions.

Several studies have pointed out that fiber such as psyllium, included in a healthy diet, can assist reduce a person’s possibility of heart disease. Psyllium can have an effect on your heart by reducing blood pressure, enhancing lipid levels, and strengthening heart muscle.

9) High Cholesterol

The hygroscopic properties of isabgol make it ideal for the heart, it absorbs the cholesterol. It forms a thin layer around intestinal walls and avoid the absorption of cholesterol from the food and efficiently lowers the amount of serum cholesterol in the blood. This is the reason why health experts recommend isabgol.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center, Soluble fiber that includes psyllium husk, guar gum flax seed, and oat bran, can help reduce cholesterol if added to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

Studies indicate psyllium can lower total, and also bad cholesterol levels (LDL), which could possibly assist to lower the heart disease risk. In Pairing with cholesterol-lowering drugs, which includes statins, psyllium gives an added advantage to lowering cholesterol levels.

Another study shows that psyllium is a helpful method for people to reduce their cholesterol, with only a few side effects.

10) High Blood Pressure

Isabgol includes both soluble and insoluble fiber. Adding fiber to your diet (psyllium) could possibly assist reduce blood pressure.

University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that in a study, Six months of supplementation with psyllium fiber drastically lowered the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in overweight people with high blood pressure. However, Studies are not fully definite.

11) Diabetes

Isabgol has a natural substance gelatin that helps in slowing down the process of breakdown and absorption of glucose into the body. Therefore, It helps control diabetes.

Studies indicate that diet rich in fiber could possibly reduce insulin and blood sugar levels and improve cholesterol levels in sufferers of diabetes. Additionally, For those who are at risk of diabetes, it can possibly reduce the possibility of developing diabetes.

How To Take Isabgol To Deal With Diabetes

  • Take this soon after meal coupled with water.


  • It’s always good to consult your doctor first.

Side Effects of Isabgol

Food gives energy, you eat it and if you don’t eat in limits the result will make you fat. Just like that consuming amount more than needed can trigger side effects. Take it as you need it. At all the time take it after soaking seeds in water or else, it could possibly cause:

  • Sometimes, stomach cramping may arise, During this case stop using psyllium husks and seek the advice of your health care professional.

  • In case you face any allergic reactions (which are unusual), Consult to your doctor soon before taking time.

  • Consult our doctor before taking it in case you have medical records of appendicitis, stomach blockage and etc.

NOTE 1: Isabgol is in Super Superfood Greens 2% by volume, in Super Superfood Reds 2 % by volume, and in Super Superfood Gold it is 1.6% by volume.

NOTE 2: While these above are amazing reports, our super superfoods do not include high volumes of isabgol. If you are ill, please go to a physician. If on the other hand, you want good health by a cross selection of good nutrition, with an associated long life, our super superfoods are available for you.

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