What is in This Food? Can it Help Extend Life?

Updated: Jun 12

Another Quick Look At Niacin

The Himalayan Long Life Botanicals Super-Superfood Greens are special in that they add niacin compounds to your diet in abundance. The following superfoods are reported to contain niacin in its various forms: Moringa (the miracle tree), Amala (which also has resveratrol), cinnamon (which also has phenols that trigger the SIRT 1 gene), nettle leaf, macuna pruriens, lemon grass, turmeric, wheat grass, mint leaf, barley grass, ginger, beetroot (which also has resveratrol), cocoa (which also has resveratrol), black grapes (which also has resveratrol), pomegranate (which also have resveratrol), arjuna, zest, asparagus, and green tea (which also has resveratrol).

In a previous blog, Your Magic Long Life Gene, we explained the theory of these superfoods. But there is more to this niacin and why you may need it.

Niacin is depleted from the body when you take toxins. It is reduced by free radicals. In our western world these toxins are almost impossible to avoid. And as you consume them, they deplete the body of niacin.

Such toxins may include pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, mold inhibitor, and poisons we put in our meat when we drench animals for lice and ticks. Plus there are aspirins, other medication, casual drugs, alcohol and more. Perhaps one of the biggest, but unseen yet, could even be sodium fluoride. This is an industrial waste, also used to kill rats, put in our drinking water. You then can get traces of this fluoride compound in water, bread, gravy, and anything that uses water in preparation, such as tea, coffee and alcohols. This toxin is hard to avoid.

Toxins then deplete the body of niacin. Niacin deficiency can show itself in many forms, even mental illness. These illnesses are often treated with more drugs, which in turn deplete the body of more niacin. It can become a treadmill for that people find hard to get off from.

Above are some tips by a doctor on how to remove toxins from the body. Himalayan Gold does not endorse these tips and we have not tried them. We just make the information available to a concerned public to view.

Some claim that herbs can help detox a body and some of these herbs are: nettle, turmeric, cinnamon, beetroot, milk thistle, mint, hibiscus, ginger, green tea, lemon (zest), lemon grass, moringa, licorice, and pomegranate. Some of these can also be found in teas.

Make sure that if a detox is being done for medical reasons, consult a health professional.

Our superfoods are not a medicine, or for mental health. They are not even a detox. There can be many causes of mental illness. But having a good diet and a good level of nutrients in the body helps rule the nutritional aspect out of the situation.

Also note, if you are taking this superfood to handle a nutritional deficiency, that is fine. If you are taking it, self-diagnosed to handle some illness, including mental illness, please consult a health care professional.

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NOTE: While these above are interesting, if you are ill, please go to a physician. If on the other hand, you want good health by a wide cross selection of good nutrition, with its possible associated long life, our super superfoods are available for you.


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