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Bimala Goes To Everest Base Camp - 1

Part 1 - Getting to The Base of Everest -

Bimala had earlier been training in Wing Chun and Kung Fu. Bimala is a Buddhist, and Wing Chun was developed by a Buddhist nun. When Bimala was first asked to train, her response was, why learn to fight? But as was pointed out to her, to be able to defend yourself allows you to control an otherwise hostile environment around you.

More recently Bimala went to Mustang on a spiritual journey. Mustang is a national park region of Nepal, and home to many ancient Buddhist monasteries.


Unlike others who were scaling Everest, even to Base Camp, Bimala would carry her own pack, and not take a personal guide. It is suggested however, that to go up Everest, one does take a guide.

Bimala had also spent weeks preparing by jogging and training for long hours in the streets of Kathmandu. But what she experienced was beyond what she thought she was prepared for.

Bimala had trained her body well, and her DNA was already slightly different to others who went to Everest. Being a mountain girl, as others in Nepali might call her, her body had evolved to draw more oxygen from a thinner air, than say coastal people.


The first destination is Lukla, which has one of the ten most dangerous airstrips on the planet. From there she would get ready, contemplate, make plans on how she were going to do it. In general, oxygen is not taken for the march from Lukla to Base Camp.

Having marched a whole long day she arrived in Namche Bazaar, and now gets to contemplate the mountain. Your guide is the best advice you will get now, regardless of what Bimala does.

Bimala has prepared for this. She is ready. She has organized this up to now by herself.

Along with others, Bimala leaves this township behind. Her journey now lies ahead.

Like life, the path to any peak always has ups and downs on the way ahead.

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