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Bimala Goes to Everest Base Camp - 2

Part 2 - To Tyangboche -

Having Left Lukla there is much to learn. This trek is only weeks before winter. There are small inns and rest points on the way.

The view is unparalleled, and it gets more wild and out-of-this-world the higher you go.

Keep your eye on the mountain, as each day, it gets closer. But remember, there will be days when you just lie there at night, waiting for the muscular pain to ease so you can go to sleep. It is then, when the body will repair the scars of the climb the day before. Sleep is the repair mode of the body.

And here is Bimala's next intermediate destination, Tyangboche. She will rest the night here.

That evening, like two children these twin peaks would vie for Bimala's attention while her body would heal itself.

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